Listen to FSF sessions in mp3 format:



The Promised Land by Anthony Clavane

Under The Lights and in the Dark: Untold Stories of Women’s Soccer by Gwendolyn Oxenham

Obrigado: A Futebol Epic by David Kilpatrick


Men in the Arena by J. R. Biersmith – December 15

The Xhosa Maradona by Tarminder Kaur – October 27

Soccer and Politics in the Middle East by James Dorsey – September 19

Envisioning the City through Soccer in the Brazilian Amazon, 1914-2014 by Chris Brown – March 31

The Ugly Game: The Corruption of FIFA and the Qatari Plot to Buy the World Cup – February 11


The 2015 Women’s World Cup: Impact and Aftermath – December 1

Dreaming of a Sports City in Buenos Aires with Alex Galarza – November 12

The English Press and Anglo-German Football with Christoph Wagner – October 14

FIFA in Crisis – June 4

Football in Zambia with Hikabwa Chipande – March 26

Fútbol!: Why Soccer Matters in Latin America with Joshua Nadel – February 11


Women’s Football: Global Perspectives with Jean Williams, Martha Saavedra, Gwen Oxenham, and a co-written piece by Brenda Elsey and Joshua Nadel – December 11

Thirty-One-Nil with James Montague – October 30

The Country of Football with Roger Kittleson – September 25

State of the Football Studies Field – March 25

The Making of Les Bleus with Lindsay Krasnoff – February 12


Independent Fútbol Writing in a Digital Age with Jonathan Wilson – December 5

Football in the Middle East with Alon Raab and James Dorsey – November 14

Africa’s World Cup with Peter Alegi and Chris Bolsmann – October 24

Soccernomics with Stefan Szymanski and Simon Kuper – April 16

U.S. Soccer History with Apostolov, Logan, and McCabe – February 26


Jun Stinson and Gwen Oxenham: The 90th Minute and Women’s Pro Soccer – December 5

Javier Pescador: Mexican fans in U.S. – Sep. 26

David Goldblatt: The Ball is Round – part 2 – March 16

Once in a Lifetime – Guest: Ray Hudson – February 24


Football in the Classroom – November 9

Jennifer Doyle: Women’s Football – April 18

Julio Frydenberg, Rodrigo Daskal, y Mariano Gruschetsky: Fútbol, Historia, y Política – February 17


Laurent Dubois: Soccer Empire – November 16

David Goldblatt: The Ball is Round – part 1 – October 20

Chris Gaffney: Temples of the Earthbound Gods – September 22

Bob Edelman: Spartak Moscow (March 2010)

Roger Magazine: Golden and Blue Like My Heart (February 2010)

John Turnbull, Alon Raab: The Global Game (January 2010)