Fall Season Ends with Soccer Empire

DuboisSoccerEmpireThe first year of FSF ended today in triumphant fashion with Laurent Dubois’ Soccer Empire. Participants: Laurent Dubois, Peter Alegi, Alex Galarza, Andrew Guest, Steven Apostolov, and David Roberts.

The audio of the discussion is available here.

Stay tuned for updates on the Spring lineup! We have had an excellent discussion over email about a session on the women’s game and will decide soon on materials and a date. We will also be doing our first FSF session en español when we discuss Frydenberg and Daskal’s Fútbol, Historia, y Política.


One thought to “Fall Season Ends with Soccer Empire”

  1. Thanks Laurent for sparking an enlightening and wide-ranging discussion on French football, race, politics and culture.

    Sometimes having a smaller group has its advantages: can ask follow-up questions; allows participants to go into more depth; open sspace for sudden bursts of Zidane-like random creativity and so on.

    Now that the (northern) fall season is over, I feel a little bit like those Russian or Scandinavian sides that go into hibernation during the winter months. So like these team which train indoor for a while, we can continue the conversation on this web site until we start again in the new year. Comments can be about Soccer Empire, previous books, or any other questions and issues of interest to FSF. Whatever inspires you.

    Thanks again for making this happen.

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