2015 Women’s World Cup Redux

The fútbologists reflected, among other topics, on media coverage and scholarly writing about the tournament; gender discrimination and the need for reform and greater funding of women’s football at FIFA and national FA levels; grassroots development and market forces; and the quality of play at the matches in Canada. Partially reflecting the participants’ interests and experiences, an important portion of the conversation centered on the women’s game in Latin America and on the effect of global inequalities.

Participants: Shireen Ahmed, Jean Williams, Brenda Elsey, Alex Galarza, Andrew Guest, Chris Brown, Danyel Reiche, Gaby Garton,  Jennifer Schaefer, Josh Nadel, Martha Saavedra, Melissa Forbis, Sean Jacobs, and Peter Alegi.

Our reading list for the session can be found here and an audio recording of the session is available here.

See you again in 2016!