FSF November: Galarza on Clubs in Buenos Aires

Co-founder Alex Galarza featured in FSF’s second session of the 2015-16 season. Alex shared the first chapter from his dissertation, “Dreaming of Sports City: Consumption, Urban Transformation, and Soccer Clubs in Buenos Aires.” Participants also watched a trailer for his collaboratively-produced documentary and (click to view) read a blog post on his broader project.

A number of questions focused on the broader connections that Alex’s research may shed on soccer in other Latin American cities, modernization and state formation, and notions of race, whiteness, and gender. The author and participants also discussed the politics of club governance and the project’s methodology.

Participants included: Andrew Guest, Brenda Elsey, Chris Brown, Chris Henderson, Christoph Wagner, Daniel Makagon, Danyel Reiche, Edward Murphy, Matt Hawkins, Martha Saavedra, Melissa Forbis, Javier Pescador, Alex Galarza, and Peter Alegi.

Listen to or download the audio recording here.