Fixtures 2010/2011

The 2010/2011 schedule for FSF has been posted on our new schedule page. The current lineup includes David Goldblatt, Laurent Dubois, and Chris Gaffney, we are very pleased to include them for the fall and spring. Over the course of the season we will be making an extra effort to keep everyone involved and contribute to the site. To do so, I would ask everyone to register, you will be sent an email to confirm and then can change your password from the default one to one of your choosing in your dashboard.

This will enable us all to contribute articles, stories, or media associated with the book or topic of the month. Additionally, we will be posting the recordings of past and future sessions in a members-only page. This is so that we can go back to reference the stimulating conversations we have and to avoid furiously scribbling notes when we would rather listen to our contributors.

We will also be asking for volunteers to write the wrap-up posts after every session from now on. This will be a simple 300 word summary of interesting topics or trends that came up in discussion for the frontpage of the website. I would also ask those of you with web expertise to make suggestions about our page, I am a rank amateur and would benefit tremendously from advice. We need your investment to grow our community and have a sustainable way of keeping this group fresh and exciting!

Congratulations to South Africa for hosting a memorable tournament, to Spain for winning it, and to Peter for providing a valuable piece of scholarship that will serve as a touchstone for years to come. Now it’s August, and as the club season begins anew we can all take our foolish hopes that this season will be different and channel them into a productive year!

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  1. Alex,
    Thanks for the heads-up, I particularly enjoyed reading Gaffney’s book and look forward to the readings for this year, as well as getting to know other members of this forum.

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