FSF September Opener with Chris Gaffney

Chris Gaffney’s TemplesTemples of the Earthbound Gods led the FSF fall lineup, introducing a geographer’s perspective to our group.

His book establishes the stadium as a unique analytical tool for understanding football, the city, and society. Temples is ambitious in its temporal and thematic scope, incorporating analysis on race, masculinity, and class in a comparative perspective.

Gaffney treated us to anecdotes from his experiences in Brazil and Argentina, including attending a particularly violent Sacachispas match in the Argentine fourth division. (See FSF Forum member David Keyes’s review of a documentary made on Sacachispas FC here) Questions touched on the structure of the book, using Chris’s stadium method elsewhere, and Argentine masculinity. Participants: David Keyes, David Roberts, Alex Galarza, Peter Alegi

The audio from the meeting is available at our recordings page.

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