Fútbol, Historia, y Política – triunfo en español

Our first bilingual session was a great success. After some initial audio issues, we had just over 90 minutes of fantastic discussion regarding Fútbol, Historia, y Política. The three chapter authors in attendance were Julio Frydenberg, Rodrigo Daskal, and Mariano Gruschetsky.

Our conversation revolved around one of the central themes of the book: the tensions between public and private logics in Argentine football clubs. We also discussed possibilities of comparative research in Argentine football when the conversation turned towards parallels with Chilean and English football.

The audio for the meeting is available here

In attendance:
Julio Frydenberg
Rodrigo Daskal
Mariano Gruschetsky
Marcela Mora y Araujo
James Dorsey
Rwany Sibaja
Edward Murphy
Alejandro González
Ben Sawyer
Peter Alegi
Alex Galarza

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