Corinthians and World Soccer

Book cover

The 2020-21 season closed on June 8 as Chris Bolsmann and Dil Porter joined us for a discussion of their book, English Gentlemen and World Soccer: Corinthians, Amateurism and the Global Game.

Participants included: Gabe Logan, Matthew Brown, Stefan Szymanski, Andrew Lee, Martha Saavedra, Titi Kou, Chuck Carlson, Jon Dart, Andrew Guest, David Kilpatrick, Rwany Sibaja, Brian Bunk, Enrico Castro Montes, and Peter Alegi.

Listen to the audio recording of the session (for personal/educational use only):

Enjoy the Euros and see you in early October for the opening of the 2021-22 season, featuring Simon Kuper and his new book, The Barcelona Complex.