FSF Feb – Fútbol, Historia, y Política

The first session of spring 2011 will be held on Thursday February 17th at 1800 (6pm) Eastern time. Here are a few materials regarding the book, Fútbol, Historia, y Política edited by Julio Frydenberg and Rodrigo Daskal.

“‘Fútbol, Historia y Política’ es fruto del esfuerzo de incorporar nuevas cuestiones en el estudio del deporte; y en realidad no hace más que continuar con las inquietudes contempladas por Archetti, quien consideraba al deporte como parte integral de la sociedad, y que nos permite reflexionar acerca de lo social” – Julio Frydenberg

Pagina 12 Review
Presentation at the Universidad de San Martín
Publisher’s page

Short piece on the passing of Eduardo Archetti

David Goldblatt podcasts – London School of Economics & BBC

Check out October’s author over at the London School of Economics delivering a talk entitled: “This Sporting Planet: global sport and global capitalism”

“Globalisation has seen sport achieve a hitherto unequalled global cultural significance, but it has also left it in thrall to capitalism. Will economic forces continue to shape sport?” Listen or download here

Also check out his four part series on derbies for the BBC World Service Monday Documentary titled “The Power and the Passion”

Temples Materials

A number of links to share as we warm-up for Chris Gaffney’s Temples of the Earthbound Gods on September 22nd:

May 25 – African Soccerscapes

The Football Scholars Forum will have its last meeting prior to the World Cup tomorrow at 2pm EDT, please check your time zones to ensure that we are all coordinate as I mistakenly used EST in my last notice (EDT is -4 UTC).

RSVP to Alex Galarza for Skype participation.

Here are a number of links of interest that are related to author Peter Alegi’s research and book:

New York Times “South Africans Push to Make the World Cup Their Own”

Dennis Brutus on Facebook Excerpts from Peter’s lecture at the Alan Paton Memorial Lecture

Radio Interview on France International

Visit the publisher’s page on African Soccerscapes for even more links and press related to the book.