Ghanaian Academies: “Doing Good to Do Well”?

On November 10, anthropologist Itamar Dubinsky joined us for a discussion of his fascinating book, Entrepreneurial Goals: Development and Africapitalism in Ghanaian Soccer Academies [link].

In addition to the author, participants included Gerard Akindes, Martha Saavedra, Robert Edelman, David Kilpatrick, Antony Kaminju, Ron Krabill, Chris Gaffney, Yomi Ejikunle, Andrew McFarland, Noah Drymalski, Jon Dart, Derek Catsam, and Peter Alegi.

Listen to an audio recording of the session (for personal/educational use only):

Our next session is on Friday, Dec. 8, at 1pm US ET with John Sloop’s Soccer’s Neoliberal Pitch: The Sport’s Power, Profit, and Discursive Politics [link]. Click here to find your time zone.

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