From Aristotle to Zidane: Soccer and Philosophy

PhilosophyOn Wednesday, November 7, at 1pm EST (the day after the U.S. presidential election), the Football Scholars Forum will convene to discuss Ted Richards’s edited book Soccer and Philosophy: Beautiful Thoughts on the Beautiful Game. This session promises to expand the horizons of those of us whose knowledge of the intersections of philosophy and football is limited to Monty Python’s famously hilarious “Germany vs. Greece” video.

“This book is a delight,” Simon Kuper notes, “and it taught me more philosophy than I learned in my entire time at university.”

Ted Richards, “a philosopher who loves soccer,” will be joining the conversation via Skype, along with chapter authors David Kilpatrick and Jesús Ilundáin. We have selected several chapters to discuss, though participants are free to delve as deeply into the book as they wish. The selected chapters are:

•    Stephen Minister, “What’s Wrong with Negative Soccer?”
•    John Foster, “Tell Me How You Play and I’ll Tell You Who You Are”
•    Victor Durà-Vilà, “Why Playing Beautifully is Morally Better”
•    David Kilpatrick, “Nietzsche’s Arsenal”
•    Jesús Ilundáin and Cesar Torres, “Embellishing the Ugly Side”

Please RSVP by emailing your Skype name to Alex Galarza (galarza1 AT msu DOT edu) so that you can be included in the online call.