Lindsay Krasnoff and The Making of Les Bleus

making_lesbleusOn February 12, FSF kicked off the second half of the 2013-14 season with Lindsay Krasnoff and her new book, The Making of Les Bleus: Sport in France, 1958-2010Sixteen participants were able to join our invited author for a lively discussion of her work.

The conversation centered on France’s role in hosting major sporting events, how football and basketball related to other sports, and the tensions of public and private support in youth development. Krasnoff also shared her experiences in writing the book while balancing her work at the U.S. Department of State and selecting her topic as a graduate student.

FSF participants included: Alejandro Gonzalez, Andrew Guest, Ben Dettmar, Brenda Elsey, Brain Van Wyck, Corry Cropper, David Kilpatrick, Derek Catsam, Ingrid Bolivar, Laurent Dubois, Liz Timbs, Peter Alegi, Rwany Sibaja, and Steven Apostolov

Audio of the session is available here

Liz Timbs created a Storify of tweets with the #fsflesbleus hashtag here.