African Soccerscapes Success

FSF May was a grand success! We had a great 90-minute discussion on Peter’s book. It seems like Skype may be our connection of choice, as not too much was lost without video and the audio quality was excellent. Unfortunately, the recording failed.

Thanks to Peter Alegi, John Turnbull, Andrew Guest, David Keyes, Jill Kelly, and Leslie Hadfield for their participation, and special thanks to Ben Dettmar for facilitating.

Please check back frequently at the website and feel free to send any interesting material you would like to share. I have added a number of new links and hope that this can be as much of a web forum is it is a place for discussing the books we choose.

Get some comments on this post so we can start inhabiting our new space!

2 thoughts to “African Soccerscapes Success”

  1. Agreed – it was an excellent discussion – already looking forward to the next one. As someone who is not an Africanist I really enjoyed the book and found it accessible, I look forward to seeing the bits that Peter had to leave out in future articles/books.

    There was an interesting article on the BBC today about South African society and how soccer could unite a country:

    Didn’t Matt Damon already tell us this story!

    Stories like this are obviously important but I can’t wait for the footy to be begin!

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