Football Family: History as Memoir

On Friday, March 31, at 2pm US Eastern Time (London 1900; Johannesburg 2000), we welcome James Brown, vice president of The Society for American Soccer History, to discuss his book Mud, Blood, and Studs: James Brown and His Family’s Legacy in Soccer and Rugby Across Three Continents [link].

Mud, Blood and Studs, according to the publisher, is a “story of sporting excellence passed from generation to generation. An alcoholic father abandons his family in Troon, Scotland, and sails for America, but against the odds his offspring prosper, as his four boys have natural athletic ability. Oldest son, Jim, travels to America to track down his father and finds a country in the throes of the Great Depression. However, his superb soccer skills win him selection for the 1930 US World Cup team. In 1932, he signs for Manchester United, and later for Spurs. Jim passes his skills on to his son, George, who becomes a USA All-Star and USMNT player. Jim’s brothers, John and Tom, shake up Scottish football, and John hands down his sublime hand-to-eye coordination to sons Peter and Gordon, who make their mark in international rugby. Then there are Peter and Gordon’s cousins, the Lambies, who impact South African rugby. This fascinating book brings you the inside track on a remarkable family who overcame adversity to thrive at the top level of sport.”

To participate in the Zoom event, contact Peter Alegi (alegi AT msu DOT edu) by Thursday, March 30.