Cameroonian Football Dreams in a Neoliberal World

On September 29, anthropologist Uroš Kovač joined us for a vigorous discussion of his book, The Precarity of Masculinity: Football, Pentecostalism, and Transnational Aspirations in Cameroon. This 2022-23 season opener was co-sponsored by Sports Africa Network.

Participants included: Gerard Akindes, Tarminder Kaur, Andrew Guest, Martha Saavedra, Michelle Sikes, Hikabwa Chipande, Robert Edelman, Chuck Carlson, David Kilpatrick, Yomi Ejikunle, Emy Lindberg, Itamar Dubinsky, John Boyd, Tom McCabe, Titi Kou, and Peter Alegi.

Listen to our conversation below (for personal/educational use only):